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Hotel Block Information

Baton Rouge Marriott
5500 Hilton Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Single/Double Rates: $139/night
Please contact Susana Lee at if you are interested in making reservations.  

Networking Night
Tuesday, September 25th
7:00 PM to  9:00 PM

Baton Rouge Marriott
5500 Hilton Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70808





Break Out Sessions




Session Title


Julie Couret, Executive Coach

Coach like Your Career Depends on It. Because it Does.

Participants will walk away:
- Knowing the two major coaching pitfalls and why we think they work, trapping us in a cycle of repeat unwanted behaviors. 

- Equipped with how to broach even the most uncomfortable feedback subject.

- The necessary foundation that invites receptivity to coaching.

Damona Barnes, Training and Development Specialist

Leah Tate Jenkins, CCUE
Vice President of Training

How to Leverage the Grant Funding to Support Internal Training Programs

Participants will walk away with a checklist of things to consider within their organization prior to getting funding.

Annemarie Galeucia, Student & Faculty Development Coordinator

The Showing and Telling of Effective Public Speaking: when visuals and presenters work together to tell a story

Participants will come away from this program with the following:

- tools for engaging, substantive and personalized delivery in public speaking

- tools for developing visuals that complement rather than compete with the presenter

- foundational components of audience analysis

- strategies for providing guidance and feedback to others as it relates to presenter delivery and visuals development.

Christina Unrein, Happiness Coach & Resiliency Trainer

Personal Celebration & Appreciation Mindset: Strengthen Your Leadership Edge

Participants will leave with:

- an expanded mindset toward celebration and appreciation to support their leadership role

- understanding how celebrating serves them

- personalized ways they like to celebrate

- a strategy to apply their takeaways to their personal situation

Bridget Kaigler, Founder/President

Learn to Fly: How to Create an Effective Exit Strategy

This session will include a practical approach to transition to the next chapter in your career.

Objectives of Program:

1) Recognize the emotional stages of a potential career transition.

2) Discuss the cost of career progression

3) Assess benefits of transferable skills

4) Identify strategies for a seamless career transition

Mohammad Hassam, Instructional Designer

SMEs(Batman) And Instructional Designers(Robin)

In this session, you will learn:

• Five effective content analysis techniques

• About Needs to know vs Nice to know • About the importance of being Learner Centric

• How to identify goals by using the Golden Circle of eLearning

• How to evaluate the content by asking better questions.

*Some information subject to change.

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